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Solution: Be your users’ attention and you may ears

Solution: Be your users’ attention and you may ears

The ‘pootastrophe’ regarding 2016

Very you have depending a product or service which can meet up with the defurring means of a lot dog owners – however, hair is not necessarily the just thing pets say goodbye to.

Within the 2016, that unlucky pet owner seen a case connected with a beneficial Roomba and you may a ‘gift’ abandoned by the his new puppy. We do not need reveal it wasn’t a pretty sight.

In the morning, he awoke to headache: a poop-smeared dining room enabled by the a robovac. As you can imagine, the newest ‘incident’ went viral and you will turned into an abundance of pet owners regarding the idea of robovacs for some time.

Solution: Build towards unforeseen

“We strive and also make existence easy for our users so that they does more of the some thing they want to do. Nevertheless soon turned into quite visible you to definitely pet owners was a lot more reluctant to have fun with robots which might be doing something around the home when they’re maybe not truth be told there since pets do stuff that is unexpected,” Knight explained.

In order to guarantees puppy owners, this new Roborock group created a great ReactiveAI technology on the the fresh host which is in a position to detect, choose, and steer clear of some other barriers… (suite…)

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